Just as the proposed creation of the metaverse is built primarily upon the tenets of great experiences, we are sound in our belief that our tech solutions will provide our customers and stakeholders with experiences that not only alleviate erroneous possibilities but also elevate the outcomes expected. From tech solutions across digital out-of-home(dOOH) and traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising sales and purchases to planning and buying, from smart city solutions that reposition locations for better citizen engagement to media assets that attract advertisers and tourists alike, Mantaray is changing the narrative and creating new paradigms to follow.


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Re-inventing the Out-of-Home advertising agency model.

Our SaaS space omnichannel technology is a unified product that adds significant value to the entire Digital OOH and OOH ecosphere. The breakthrough technology confluence effortlessly with real problem-solving tools powered by machine learning and data analytics.

Fully automated free search engine

Automated campaign planning tool

Data visualization for accurate delivery


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Pectoral conceptualizes retail branding solutions, shopper's marketing concepts, large-scale activations, and immersive brand innovations in physical spaces.

We are known for designing aesthetically innovative spaces where people buy, interact, discover, work, enjoy and live.

Inclination towards design thinking, innovation, and art, we separate ourselves from an excellent retail agency to a superb retail branding agency.